Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Unstyled Life: Das Arbeitszimmer

Before our guests came I realized I had to finally get my stacks of 'to-do' projects off the floor of my office (das Arbeitszimmer) and up and out of the way. This included framed vintage records that haven't found their corner of wall space, craft supplies, random photos, and as-yet-to-be-filled picture frames.

I squeezed everything onto the top of one of my narrow bookshelves and just leaned it all against the wall. Nothing has fallen over yet. It was a pragmatic arrangement thrown together in the briefest of moments and yet I actually find myself liking it. Though displaying picture frames still wrapped in plastic is a tad grating...

The winter semester starts this week at the Uni and, now that our guests are gone, the rediscovered floor space has been a boon in terms of organizing teaching materials. Still, I was able to pop into this store recently and found something that will likely fill up some of these frames and replace my 4 Euro wall decor. But I'll enjoy my serendipitous arrangement in the meantime.


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Allison said...

Really nice arrangement... did your guests even notice the plastic wrapping? Hope your visit was just what you needed.

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