Friday, October 15, 2010

4 Euro DIY Wall Decoration

I went to the grocery store to buy supplies and then came home and decorated a wall. Can I hear a "That was easy!"?

What I bought:
garland single collage web

I already had: scissors, tape, and a hole punch

I guess it's pretty obvious how it works: punch holes in the coasters, thread with twine, cut to size, tape to the wall. This is not rocket science, ha ha! I did experiment with a scrap fabric tie. I think I like it and will add a few more....maybe?

garland wall collage web

My office is looking less blank and more cheery. Three cheers!

Any cheapie decor tricks you've tried lately?


Michelle said...

I love simple crafty projects like this, they just make me happy.

I went a little crazy making paper garlands over the weekend too.

Barb said...

Cheerful and adorable. I can imagine little round pictures of your favorite faces in the center of those little doilies.

Kelly said...

I'm with Barb - I was going to say "cheerful" too! And seriously, isn't that what we need in an office? This is so clever.

Carolyn said...

Cute take on the 'letterpress' quality of the coasters!

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