Friday, May 13, 2011

Shop Peek: Mohren Haus in Bamberg

Exploring little shops in a new city is always fun and the Mohren Haus in Bamberg did not disappoint. My husband camped out in a cafe with his books while I perused a few shops. I found a smart storage solution at Licht und Design, and am glad that Maedla's website is just like their shop because I could easily buy them out for future gifts for my little nieces, but the Mohren Haus was so fun I went back twice!
A tea shop that has expanded over time to include all sorts of design delicacies, including a large outdoor seating selection that I didn't photograph, the Mohren Haus probably has something for everybody on your list, no joke! Hip clothes, trendy bags for guys, spices, tea, handmade papers, a children's section, and the list goes on. There's even a little cafe upstairs!
There was a huge selection of Rice, House Doctor, Noi Home and others. I really loved all the cheerful color. I've pretty much had it with all the neutrals and beige-pinks that have been everywhere. It's spring, wake up already!
Upstairs in the back was a little room full of little monochromatic displays -totally my thing. I actually found myself wanting one of those pink mats from Rice to put out on my balcony -and I'm not a pink person! But it was the green that totally had me smitten. I really loved all the storage containers and lampshades and wish I'd had a bigger shopping budget, but oh well. There are other ways to incorporate green into one's home than breaking the bank, right? (sic)

However, I didn't leave empty-handed. I found a few things that should help round out some projects I've had in the works. I'll share more when things get finished!

If you're ever in Bamberg, Germany, be sure to check out the Mohren Haus!


dunja said...

......da schlägt mein herz gleich ein paar takte schneller vor freude! es scheint ein wahres paradies zu sein!!! ich möchte da auch hin, danke für den tipp und die schönen fotos, liebe grüße, dunja

likeschocolate said...

I wouldn't mind shopping here. So colorful, you can't help but be happy. Have a happy weekend.

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