Friday, October 21, 2011

Harvest Bounty: Happiness in a Jar

Preserves are wonderful things, but since I've never made my own jam or preserves, I really appreciate the homemade variety. We've experienced this year's harvest bounty via jars of homemade jams and marmalade from friends and family, but we had something of a double blessing the other day. 

While doing some countryside exploring with our guests, we stumbled upon a darling little Wochenmarkt (weekly market) filled with all sorts of handmade goodies. Homemade honey, candles, sheep's milk soap, wool socks & hats, and syrups, sauces, jams and waffles. I picked up a jar of salsa and a bottle of Pflaumensirup (plum syrup). I was especially excited to try the Pflaumensirup on vanilla ice cream or drizzled over some cobbler.
I thought it couldn't get better until I came home to a package on our front steps. Monica had sent a gorgeous jar of homemade tomato jam made from her own homegrown tomatoes as her Craft It Forward 2011 project! I love how it's something handmade AND edible! It's supposed to be fantastic with grilled cheese, so I'm looking forward to trying it out this fall! Thank you Monica!!

Are you trying any fun new treats this fall? Do you make preserves?

I've have my Craft It Forward projects all lined up and ready to complete. I'm just waiting for the start of the university semester to settle down before finishing them up and sending them off!


Monica said...

You are very welcome! Hope you enjoy it.

Allison said...

Yeah, some "Craft it Forward" things!

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