Monday, September 5, 2011

Modern Jewelry Storage

I'm a necklace fan. A big one. They make perking up an otherwise bland outfit simple, wouldn't you agree? But finding a good storage method hasn't been easy for me. Most jewelry boxes on the market are perfect for rings and delicate necklaces, but fuggetahboutit if you want to put a few longer, chunkier necklaces in them -and guess what I wear more of?

Sure, there are lots of DIY jewelry storage ideas out there, but most seem to involve 3 things I'm not a fan of: 1) using wall space, 2) hanging up everything, and 3) things getting dusty. Since I'm rapidly running out of wall space (and since I don't like the cluttered look of hanging jewelry in my bedroom), I hate dusting, and since I feel like it's probably not good to hang necklaces from a peg for the long term, I was stumped.

Back when we were in Bamberg I found myself perusing a modern home decor shop (across the street from this cool place) and found my perfect solution. Enter Koziol's tiered serving tray, Babell. I love this thing! I keep meaning to buy more, because at 12 Euro I can actually afford to buy more, and because with the amount of small stuff that needs corralling in this house, more would be helpful (think phones, keys, and spare change).

Why I love it:
  • Clean modern design that comes in lots of colors
  • At approx. 12 Euro, the price is right (though my size is showing 20 Euro on their site and more on Amazon, weird! I think the shop must've made a mistake when I bought mine, hm.)
  • It's plastic, so it's not too precious to use for everyday items
  • The 3 tiers stack, so you could use the top tray in one room and the others elsewhere, or use all 3 separately to serve things at a party; the possibilities are endless!
  • I can see everything that's on there, making it easy to find just what I want.
  • It's not huge (the bottom tier is dinner plate sized), meaning I can easily slide mine into my bedroom cabinet to keep things dust-free.
And no, this is not a sponsored post! I'm just really happy with how this has worked out so well for the past several months and it's only now that I got around to taking pictures to share.

What about you? Any favorite repurposed items in your home? Anybody else have a nagging storage problem?


bitter poet said...

I use a flat cheese grater mounted to the wall for my dangly earrings. my sister uses a block cheese grater for the same thing, standing on a shelf in the bathroom. and i recently saw someone display necklaces looped around the top of a vintage, glass bottle. would take up some space for a few of them, but really cute.

Monica said...

Wonderful idea! My favorite repurpose idea is the canning glass tissue storage I came up with. Storage in general is a big problem or rather keeping things stored neatly. Or rather others perception of what is neat. :)

Sewandthecity said...

I also love necklaces...and so does my 3 year old. This is a very nice idea...I would like to make a frame with hooks, but I guess I need a walk in wardrobe for this :-)

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