Monday, May 2, 2011

Bavaria's Bamberg Blues

Our little break in Bamberg was great; it was so good to just get away and have a change of scenery! We stayed in a great little place with fantastic staff in a fabulous location; it was so fresh, modern and friendly. There were so many fun things to see and cute shops to explore, one of which I'll feature later this week. I especially loved some of the adorable little houses we walked by. Look at the wisteria perfectly arching around the back patio of this riverfront home...sigh.

There was so much blue around Bamberg, but I suppose this is just too obvious since the Bavarian flag is all blue and white, right? This wasn't the first time I found blue and white in Bayern.

I also had fun watching the royal wedding while we were there. As a child I watched "Lady Di" get married, so of course I had to watch William and Kate's wedding! =) I enjoyed part of my breakfast in bed, but my husband was happier camped out in a cafe with his book, ha ha!

I'm working with a Wednesday deadline, so I'll have more later this week on the fun shop I enjoyed as well as my first wearable sewing creation -yay! What have you been working on lately?


Georgianna said...

Hi Juliette. Wow, what a darling town and super looking hotel. It's great to get away for a couple of days, isn't it? Will have to keep Bamberg on my list for our next Europe trip. Have a great week! – g

Allison said...

Don't sigh too deeply over Wisteria... while it is an unbelievably beautiful flower with scent to match, it is unbelievably hard to keep under control! But I love it too!

I hadn't originally planned to watch the wedding, but in the end I'm glad I did... do you know how amazing is that we have seen two future kings get married? Oh, breakfast in bed... love it! Hubby hates it because he can't get past the fact that it might leave a few crumbs in the bed.

Can't wait to see your sewing creation... hmmm, I bet I know what it is ; )

Monica said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful getaway. Great pictures and the wisteria is so pretty.

On Friday the TV was all mine and I loved every second of the wedding coverage. Beautiful.

I have been in the garden a lot. Am willing to put off all housework or project just to tinker around outside.

Barb said...

Charm with a capitol "C"!!!

Michael said...

My dream city. I haven't been there since 2006 but hope to get back in a year or two.

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