Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall pictures from our drive to Bavaria

We've been back for weeks, but I thought I'd throw together a few of my favorite pictures from our short trip down to Bavaria (or Bayern, as they say auf Deutsch). I really need to do this for our summer trip, but baby steps, right?

The green painted shutters on my brother-in-law's new abode are darling, aren't they? He's not into 'darling', but he does like a traditional Bavarian look, ha! While out on a walk we all admired the old farmhouse with blue and white striped shutters (blue and white are the colors on the Bavarian flag). I honestly don't think I've ever seen striped shutters, but while I think it would look tacky in most areas, it seemed to fit right in with the rustic Bavarian mountain look.

bayern collage zuhauseWEB

I love the old wooden door on a farmhouse; wouldn't you love coming home to that? I think doors are highly underrated. Then we walked out in the fields to find a sweet little church painted yellow. It was really a chapel; it was so tiny. It had a wall about shoulder height running around it. I was disappointed that the doors were locked because I bet the inside would've been interesting!

The weather was definitely brisk; fall in the Alps is much colder than fall in our region of Germany! All the same, it was fun to get a chance to rake leaves (instead of sweep our balcony) and stack firewood with my brother-in-law. We'll have to go visit again in the summer and return to the Walchensee. I'd love to rent a rowboat from the boathouse above!

Have you ever been to Bavaria? It's like how Texas is to the US -very much its own flavor. Most of Germany does not adopt Bavarian style, but it's what most people think of when they think of Germany!


Julie said...

Ha! You are so right about Bavaria being Texas...and about the striped shutters not being tacky! Who would think that stripes actually work?? They do, though, they do!

Jutta said...

I've never been to Bavaria, well actually I haven't been to Germany either. Although I should, I've studied the language many years in school. But anyway, your photos look lovely, seems like a very interesting place.

Thank you for mentioning me in your Gifted post! :)

Mari said...

lovely images

Traveling Mama said...

wow! Gorgeous!! Now I want to go there too! :-)

rosa said...

been to Bavaria, absolutely loved it... loved Walchensee, Tegernsee, and much more. By the way, where was your last photo taken, the one with the little church and onion-top bell-tower?

Juliette said...

Tina - you must! You can stop by our place on the way down. =)

Rosa - it's on the eastern shoreline of the Walchensee. You have to walk to it, there's no public road that goes along this area. It's pretty isn't it?

Grey Lemon said...

Never went there... I love your photos! Want to visit and see the striped shutters now!

Kelly said...

I think this is definitely my vision of Germany (although that is slowly changing as I read your blog and Holly's and learn more about the different cities). Germany is definitely rising to the top of my travel wish list. :-)

Carolyn said...

LOVE these pictures. LOVE those shutters! and that door. bavaria is beautiful.

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