Sunday, July 17, 2011

In my Postfach: Craft it Forward 2011 fun!

Whenever I see mail with the return address showing 'Stillwater Designs' I get excited. It's like these packages should have a sticker on them saying "Open me fast: Pretty things inside!" because how lovely is this soft scarf?

Do you know what's so cool about this scarf (aside from it being a Craft it Forward gift)? Allison used fabric from Joel Dewberry's 'Deer Valley' line, the same line I'm using to make my patchwork pillows for my living room!

Btw- I spent 4 hours this weekend finalizing the patterns, figuring out which fabrics will go where, and measuring out the pieces. Sewing starts this week -so exciting!!

Allison started the Craft it Forward 2011 blog movement, so it was appropriate that her craft was the first to arrive. I guess I better nail down my ideas and get cranking! I haven't sent anything out yet -have you??


Sewandthecity said...

Oh this is one very nice scarf! I read the old post about Craft It Forward 2011, it is such a lovely idea! I would love to join.

Allison said...

Hey Jules,

Thanks for the post! I hope you like wearing something made from this fabric collection as well as decorating with it. Even though I have already sent out your Craft It Forward, I have a lot of work to do still... I posted it not only on my blog, but on Facebook too!


Kelly said...

How beautiful! She did a lovely job. I'm excited to see your pillow progress. We finally figured out our color scheme for the living room, so we can actually buy the fabrics now.

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