Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Corner View: the unveiling

I'm a an American girl who loves the beach married to a German who wishes all vacations could be had hiking in the Alps. Here we are before a hike:
Here we are at the top of the Kreuzeck down in Bayern:As you can see, we like blue and red. For better or worse, it's a theme. We also often find ourselves wearing unintentionally matching outfits, which is really embarrassing. Usually I'm the one to go change. However, hiking pants are hiking pants. Red coats are intentional because we ride our bikes so much here and red coats help us to be visible to others on the road. So in a sense, our matching also reflects our lifestyle =)

To see more of the folks participating in the Corner View series, check out Spain Daily.


onegoldensun said...

great photos! Wow, the mountains are so stunning. We have a habit in our house of unintentional matching, as well! We seem to gravitate to the same colors on a regular basis, and yes, it can be embarrassing! too funny!

travelingmama said...

I love your photos! My husband and I often put on the same colors too... but that may be because I always pick out his clothes! LOL!

Katie @ said...

What an awesome time you must have had! Not only are you wearing matching things - but a bright color, too. My coat in Germany is red. I feel like Germans are squinting when I walk by. What? Someone in really bright clothing? My friends in Berlin tease me endlessly. Now I have evidence of you doing the same. Too cute!

Likes Chocolate said...

I am an American girl married to a German. Great photo of both of you guys. Would love to hear how you met your husband sometime.

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