Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hiding the storage mess, developing the Diele

Aside from finally being able to just chill after the passing of the end of school year stress that has been plaguing our home for the past month, we've finally been able to tackle some more projects. First up are the doors on our dining and living room storage units.
We had some open areas in these units at our last apartment, but decided that the shelves were really too deep to display anything properly. This time around we bought a few extra door panels and to keep the lines clean and mess hidden. Happy.
We also snagged a cheapy wardrobe from Ikea to replace the built-in hall closet we'd enjoyed in our last apartment. I'm happy all the coats are off the floor of the little yellow room, but wish we had a prettier closet solution. It works for now, but I may alter the piece depending on what we end up doing in the main hall.
The important thing is that coats are now off the floor and out of the way. That had really been bugging me!! Our next step is to assemble the furniture in the yellow room and figure out where to put it. Then we have to settle on a longer-term living room couch location. And then, and then.... I'm glad we're getting things done here, but am really looking forward to our Thursday departure. We're going to visit some friends in Bayern and maybe take in some waters... =)


Allison said...

I can't really say that I completely understand the concept of not having closets in a house. I mean, sure, the wardrobes are pretty, but they are so unpraktisch when you have to move. I guess that's why most Germans don't move around very much. Viel spaƟ in Bayern.

Laura said...

I was so annoyed when we had to buy closets when we first moved here! The expense, the weight of carrying those very heavy IKEA boxes up the stairs! On one hand, it can be nice because you can really personalize what type of shelving/drawers you want to have. Well anyway we have now moved to a new place and are also looking for some new entry way furniture...

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