Monday, June 29, 2009

Kitchen progress: Eßecke

Something I just love about the new kitchen is that we now have an Eßecke (eating corner). Our last kitchen was far too small for one and you had to walk through the entryway to get to the eating area in our old living room. It made for lonely cooking and was a total hassle to set and clear the table! Many times we'd have our evening Brötchen just standing at the old tall counter just because we didn't feel like dragging all the dinner trappings out to the table!
We have another chair coming....later. I had this feeling that something would be missing a part when I put the bench and chairs together, and lo and behold, surprise surprise, Ikea had given us a wrong part. But we love the bench. It's a tad too long for the table, but I actually like it that way. You get to start your slide in before a table leg, and there's a place for my oft-used shopping basket.
I'm pleased with how the stuff we already owned looks good together. I bought the table cloth years ago at a little vintage linens shop in NYC, and the S&P came from a little shop on Boston's North Shore. I have some other fabric somewhere that I'd like to use for seat cushions, but that will require more digging. Somebody once said marriage is full of compromises and I'd argue that decorating our home together is one of them =) We both love red and blue, so we've figured out how to make that work. More on that later.
We still need to put a light fixture in. I'm determined to give my jam-jar-lamp idea a try. I've already set out my little collection of jars. I just have to wait until July 11th, when Stefan starts his 6 week summer break. Then we'll try to figure out this project.
Meanwhile there's still plenty of unpacking and organizing to do. We're still playing with the trash sorting situation. I wasn't wild about putting the dryer in the little storage room, but it works. It collects the water in a container, so we don't need a hole outside, but sometimes it makes it's space damp/humid, hence getting shoved in here. This means a lot of stuff I'd rather keep in our dining room storage is now in here. It might get dusty, but a little moisture won't hurt it. This space is our current fact, we have a lot of those at the moment! Better go attend to them!


Waterlilly said...

I love the touches of red with the blue in your kitchen!

Epp said...

The Essplatz looks really nice! We are also still waiting, patiently, for our dining facilities (kitchen counter) (no more buying anything from MannMobilia, seriously! We ordered our kitchen in February, and not all the pieces are here yet!). Right now, though, the weather is so nice that we are mostly eating out on the terrace. Love it!

And the storage space - Gosh I'd need something like that SOO badly! (Wishful thinking in a small city flat, lol.)

Greeting from FFM,

travelingmama said...

I love the blue and red together! It's one of my favorite color combos! And the bench with the table is so great- you can squeeze another person in there... perhaps room for little ones?? :-)

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