Thursday, July 9, 2009

DIY end tables, check! Now where to put the couch??

So I really wasn't kidding about slipcovering a box to make an end table! You may have seen a new end table in yesterday's Corner View post. Here's a close up:
U-Haul size medium box + 2 mismatched white pillowcases + 2 matching trays I already had = substitute end tables until we can find/afford a replacement. I know actually slipcovering the whole box would look much better, but since that would mean buying fabric and a sewing machine, I'm going to have to say 'not right now'.

It is a bit of a mind-bender to have oh-so-American U-Haul boxes stacked up around our oh-so-German home, that's for sure. We had one ex-pat guest go up and hug one once because he missed the US so much! German guests usually just find the boxes amusing. For now I'm embracing them because once they're empty then I have to deal with the next problem: where to really put the couch? *remember how I said we do a lot of blue and red?Here you see our couch, whose chaise was perfect in the last apartment, but not so perfect here. The real problem, however, is that this room has two major focal points, first is the huge window and glass door to our balcony. The second is the 70's fireplace which we hope to kick into action during the winter. They are on opposite walls, so for now we've compromised and put the couch where it is. But what to do with that weird small-ish spot in front of the fireplace?
If we face the couch towards the fireplace we lose the view we love so much. If we face the window - well that just looks silly. You can't ignore the fireplace! What to do?? This really the only space in the living room to work with as the other side looks like this:
and this:
It really is messy isn't it? Only 2 more days of school and then my honey will have 6 weeks off to help with my eternally long Honey-Do list!! Can't wait! (um, neither can he... ha ha!)


Epp said...

Wow, you really do have a LOT of space there!
Clever solution with the side tables/boxes, really! One more option would be to paint them over with some leftover paint, but I don't know if it would be worth the effort, and if the result would be nice.
A second option just popped in mind - I recently saw a tutorial for making bended trays(?) to place over the arms of the sofa. It looked amazingly easy and hip, it's a pity we couldn't try this out ourselves, as our living room sofa doesn't have wide enough arms.

About the spot in front of the fireplace - I'd just leave it empty. If you are anyway planning to use the fireplace, then why not have a nice fluffy carpet in front of it, where you could cuddle up during long winter evenings? You are really lucky to have a fireplace!

Jessica said...

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