Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kitchen progress

From 8-11am we helped friends move from their 3rd floor apt.
Then we headed over to our new apartment to keep working on these:
and these (there's the kitchen sink):
putting together things like this:
but not before dealing with a crooked and poorly constructed wall requiring 3 separate trips here so we could do something like this (level the wall with particle board):
just so in the end the frames would hang like so:
In between I put together our table which looks great in the new kitchen, as you can see here:
We got home just before 10pm. Dead tired.
There is LOTS more to do, so we'll keep you posted!

ps- here's a German mopping German style:


Waterlilly said...

It is looking good!

Maria said...

You've done so much already- cool! I see what you mean about German mops! Yikes!

Ingrid said...

wow, what a lot of work! good job :)cant wait to see the finished product!

juliette said...

me either!

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