Thursday, May 14, 2009


This is so dumb, but it's true: It will cost me 20 euro to get a mop in Germany that is remotely akin to something I've used before. I really hate mopping floors, but when I have to, I like the kind where you put the mop head in the bucket, soak it, and then push a handle down to squeeze out the excess water. Then you mop the floor and repeat. It might even have a little scrubby brush on the end for tough spots. They don't sell those here. Anywhere. This is what they do sell:The reason I've only encountered this issue now, after living here nearly 2 years, is that Stefan and I have a deal: he mops the floors, clears the shower drain, kills the fat spiders/things, and does the mowing. I do all the other cleaning. So he bought himself a German mop thing when we moved here. It has a short bristled brush, a pail, and a rag. You have to drape the wet rag over the bristle and up the handle and then push that around the floor. Then you remove the rag with your hands, swish it in the bucket, and do it again. I actually have tried this, but the rag never stays put and falls off completely 2 seconds later and it just makes me mad.

The other system they sell is 20 euro with a snap-on cloth head that will fold to rinse in a bucket, which I was about to buy today and use to go over and wash the old floor before the new one gets laid tomorrow - but then I saw the label telling me I had to wash it's little cloth cover first before using it - which I had no time for a 2hr washing machine cycle followed by an air dry and then go there and mop - all before Stefan would get home, need dinner, and then we show the apartment. Bah. So he'll have to mop the floor tonight at the new apartment. I feel really bad, so I spent 2 euro on another mop/broom handle so at least while he's mopping I can screw on the broom head and get the rest of the apartment floors de-junked. (and they are bad)


Waterlilly said...

This is really cool! I love all the apt. details. More later, MOM

Julie said...

Had to laugh when I read this; I have the same set-up with my husband. I freaked, too, when I saw the mop prices...

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