Friday, May 15, 2009

The Floor. Oh Wow.

I'm in awe of how much the new floor has already transformed this room.

It's amazing.
I didn't expect linoleum to ever look this good!

It was worth every penny.
Even the walk-in pantry looks 100 times better!

I took a beach chair and the laptop over this morning, proceeded to sweep the last few corners of the apartment, and camped out. It's so much easier to talk in German to other non-native speakers. They really know how to simplify the language if you don't get something. One of the guys was from Yugoslavia, the other from Russia. Very nice and friendly. I wish I'd had a snack to offer them, they did such a good job and were so nice explaining things when I didn't understand a few vocab words.

I'm also so glad we decided to go cheap and not pay for new baseboards. The old plastic brown strips actually match way better than anything in the store did, and they don't look yucky anymore now that they match the floor!


Waterlilly said...

The floor is BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE IT!!!! MOM

Karoliina said...

Wow. That looks good.

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