Friday, May 15, 2009


Yes, this issue again. Now that the floor is down in the kitchen I feel like I can really think about the color/no color issue. Not that I took a huge break or anything, it's just now that I have a floor scrap I seem to be dragging it around like a security blanket and trying out the paint chips to see what I think. It's sort of silly:


or yellows?
(that solitary green will be in our bedroom, hands down, we're recreating the current room we already love to bits)

Reading this post on color choices makes me pretty sure I want to do a blue, or - if Stefan (mr. i hate pink and all things remotely pink) permits - lavender. Wouldn't it be funny if I actually ended up with lavender? I've actually been wanting lavender in the little toilet room (gosh, it's not a half bath, b/c the shower-tub room doesn't have a toilet, so we have then 2 half baths...??) because it's such a sad little room. Lavender would also work with the sage/wedgewood blue towels we already have. But if I did a lavender in the toilet room and then also in the kitchen, would that be wierd? I kind of think so. By the way, that IS a wall mounted wet wipe holder and I am DEFINITELY going to try to pry that sucker off. The bar will stay though for visiting family members who need assistance.
Maybe I can use my leftover paint from the bedroom and have the toilet room be the same springy green. I'll have to see how that looks with the towels. I'm not buying new towels for a room that's not painted yet.

I think that article has made me abandon yellow in the kitchen. That room doesn't seem isolated enough to jump off the blue wagon the rest of the apartment seems to be on. And I've always wanted to paint the tiny bedroom yellow. I hope it will one day be a nursery and I'd like my child to have a yellow nursery like I did. (sans green shag rug, ha ha)



Waterlilly said...

I like the idea of lavender in the 1/2 bath but NOT the kitchen! JMHO. As a 2nd choice for the bath I would love the leftover spring green in the bath, maybe even better than lavender? I dunno, lavender is kind of fun and unexpected pop of color. Last year Mary re did her hall bath in Raleigh and painted it a soft lavender. IT looks STunning! She uses all white accessories and it's very fresh looking.
Ingrid likes her blue/green kitchen. Would you match the mixer color? Are you doing one wall of paint in the LR or not? Call me! MOM said...

hmmm nice work

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