Monday, June 1, 2009

And then there were 2

7 hours later (i'm not even kidding):
and one hack job to accommodate the 'kabel kanal' for electricity:
Later this week the new (small German) oven well go in one of these. New oven = looking forward to not burning everything anymore!
Pretty excited about the pullout pantry feature we have:
Definitely NOT excited about the potential trouble that misplaced shelf is likely to cause today. It looks so innocent in the picture. You have no idea how much that shelf puts us on the edge!
Back at it today. More later.
Beginning to secretly panic about how to take apart all our Pax wardrobes for the move...


Antje said...

Building IKEA furniture gets old really quickly. I remember our boxes over boxes from last year!

Good luck!

Waterlilly said...

Love it! So fresh looking. MOM

Anonymous said...

Thought the stove was a photocopier: glad to hear it has a controling thermocouple. Looks like lots of work, but you will have a true sense of accomplishment when you are done!


Barb said...

Wow - you guys must be exhausted. Did your little downstairs neighbor come and help you after all? It's looking great and so much fun to watch the progress! Bet you CAN'T WAIT until it's finished!!!! :]

juliette said...

D- yeah, small enough to be a copier, isn't it?! If we ever get a long-term house and it's in Europe, then I will want 2 little ovens.

Barb - no, we waylayed him b/c we got into a tag-team work routine and he was away the weekend we started. He came up to inspect yesterday and was all impressed, ha ha!

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