Friday, May 29, 2009

Ikea PS Dandelion Lamp - in person

We survived another trip to Ikea. All the final parts needed for our kitchen were in stock, thankfully. We decided to bail on our kitchen table idea since the floor sample fell apart in our hands (awkward). Lots of stuff at Ikea is great, and lots isn't, so I appreciate seeing how floor samples hold up, or in this case, don't. We picked a solid wood table and haven't decided yet on chairs. I was happy to find the new PS line on display, having seen it take the blogosphere by storm, specifically the pendant lamp that looks like a dandelion.
This thing is HUGE! I couldn't find dimensions online earlier, so when we saw it in person last night I was floored. It's the size of an extra large balance ball that you'd use for Pilates, etc. I had actually thought about putting this over our dining room table, but there's no way the room or table is big enough to balance out something of this size! It had a small crowd of people looking at and touching it. Of course I had to touch it too, and it felt cheap and unstable. The little bursts at the end are all paper and easy to crinkle and the little wires they're perched on are wimpy. I thought right away this thing must be a nightmare to assemble. Moving along, I checked out the August bench that had looked so
I couldn't get a picture myself, but this piece is really weensy. I imagined it would be more like this piece which has fascinated me for years, but who am I kidding? Again, no dimensions were posted on the website. It's something you could perch on to lace your shoes, certainly nothing to stretch out on for a nap or get comfy on. Disappointing, but at 400 euros we were never going to buy it anyhow. We left with the kitchen remnants, more wooden hangers and some cute napkins.

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Waterlilly said...

Post pic of your progress when you can! MOM

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