Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Underground Gym

It's decor related, and it's about stuff you can buy in Germany, but it's for a basement in the American Mid-West. A very unfinished basement with a ping pong table, a coi fish named Fuji, and lots of really random stuff. The goal is to clear a large area for the home gym and to de-creepify the basement. It's just the unfinished basement, it's just to go work out it in, but it needs some cheer and needs to be cheap.
I'm not going to post a 'before' picture until an 'after' is available. But the inspiration board is fun enough. I'm suggesting to push the random stuff off to one side and hang fabric panels via the Ikea curtain wire/clip system. This would hide the piles of random stuff, unfinished walls, and delineate the gym corner. It could be a lot of fabric, so sandwiching a hanging white twin sheet between two patterned panels would keep it fresh enough avoid the 'wall of hanging sheets' look you'd get if you didn't have some punchy fabric. I recommend picking one of the two fabrics above for their large, graphic prints.

I like the Ikea PS metal cabinets for their locker look and gym vibe and they come in white and red, depending on how much bright cheer you want to inject. They'll also hold DVDs, towels, small free weights, and be a place to perch the TV. The taller white Aneboda cabinet is an affordable way to house larger items like mats and foam blocks. Track lighting is already installed and a double-padded floor is also ready. All that needs to happen now is making sure a certain three people get a move on!


M.S. said...

FUN! You can do our place (whenever we find it) next!!

juliette said...

your final destination is going to look cool just b/c you'll have all those ethnic markets to hit up! I wish we had access to furniture and textiles so fun and affordable!

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