Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cleaning up

The wall mounted wet wipe holder was it's own anomaly. The assistance bar was dated and looking none-too-pretty. We considered leaving the assistance bar, but decided to put a new one in if needed. We thought a family member would want it, but it seems unnecessary now.
Once removed we of course had tons of holes in the tapete wallpaper stuff. Stefan repaired them and we painted. We were able to salvage one of the holes for our own tp holder. I'm glad to be rid of the old one - I am continually annoyed by those metal cover things!
As we've been painting the apartment we've discovered that this layer of tapete is on it's last legs. After we move out, or if we stay for a reeeeealy long time, it will all need to be torn down and redone. The worst walls are the ones we actually decided to paint, which I think is good as the color of the paint detracts from the tapete's patched areas. If we ever have to put tapete up - moving into a place or when we reside in a place, here is where I'd be buying it from!

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