Monday, March 25, 2013

Acid Wash Colors to Love

Probably because of the season change -or a revolt against the perpetual winter we still endure- I'm craving a few major color changes here in our home. The change would be from deeper shades to brighter tones, again, probably due to the changing seasons, but also because I think I'm just getting tired of my darker shades.

When we moved into this apartment we actually used the exact same custom color from our old bedroom here in our new bedroom. We had some leftover paint and used it in our half bath as well. The color, a faded acid green, was taken from an old jacket I had whose color we loved and had color matched at the hardware store. We love it, especially how it plays with the morning light.
And while ours is definitely a green, I am LOVING this faded acid yellow on Jutta's walls (photo above is hers). I had just been telling my husband how I wish I could spread our acid green love around the house, but maybe a tad differently. This acid yellow is the color I wish my office was (the dark yellow came out darker than expected and makes photography so difficult in there). In fact, I could easily imagine my living room, dining room and kitchen this color as well. What I really love the most is how easily these acid washes pair with other colors.

That said, I'm not sure it will happen any time soon. When we moved into this place we painted over the existing Tapete (traditional German wall covering, like wallpaper, really) and apparently it was so old/cheap that it peeled back in a few places when the paint was damp, making us scared to repaint and risk having to redo the wallpaper. Sigh.


Jutta said...

Oh my, what a fun surprise to find our living room here! I hear you, with wanting to redecorate. Maybe it's spring but I could see myself redoing almost every room - wallpapers, paints... Of course it's just a dream since the husband doesn't share my feelings :D

Juliette said...

@Jutta - I know! My husband looks over at me and asks who's paying for it and/or who's doing the work, ha!

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