Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Coat Hanger Craft Round-Up

Wire hangers are supposed to be bad for your clothing, but since most people seem to have a few around anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a little round-up of DIY projects that use wire hangers. Maybe using up hangers for crafts will force us to invest in more wooden hangers and take better care of our clothes!

1. The crochet covers can look pretty cute in modern colors! These would be sweet in a nursery
2. This jewelry organizer is pretty clever, don't you think? It even has pockets on the bottom for rings and bracelets -but I like my method better =)
3. The upside-down hanger hook is also just super clever...times three.
4. Add some clips and you can make a cute photo display, so easy!
5. A while back, Sania Pell shared this cute little house mobile over on Decor8. I love it!
6. The tape holder that I will be making...so smart!
7. These fabric wrapped hangers are cute and would use up scraps, hide an ugly hanger and be sweet in a guest room closet.
8. Cut Out and Keep had a cute fabric cover option that would be a nice way to keep back-up hangars looking sweet.
9. Sania Pell, fount of creativity that she is, recently shared this sweet and understated heart art on her blog.
10. Claudia's book rack was featured on Apartment Therapy and looks so practical.

I'm planning on making the washi tape holder simply because I currently have no suitable storage place for my tapes in my office. I also really love the upside-down coat hanger hook. And there wasn't a great photo of this, but I plan to give it a whirl at Christmas and I've already started a version of this project. So many good ideas!

What about you? See anything you'd like to try?


FrauSchmitt said...

Gorgious ideas. I've already made a textile one myself and I love the washi tape one, very much, the house is great, too. Thanks for sharing the collection.
xo, FrauSchmitt

Lacianfrusaglieria said...

Love this post and your blog is just adorable!
Nice to meet you. Fede from Lacianfrusaglieria

Anonymous said...

Hi their,
How clever are you : )
Thanks for sharing!

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