Friday, October 12, 2012

Pastel Colored Lighting Cables

 I've often admired colored lighting cables thinking they add a nice bit of unexpected-ness to a space. Anya posted about Studio Snowpuppe's gorgeous paper shades a while back and while I love the shades, I'm also loving the textile covered cable they sell to hang your light. Isn't it pretty? These would also be fun with the Quilt Lamps I posted about the other day.

I've seen a few DIY versions out there like Brett Bara's nylon cord-wrapped cable and Holmberg Everyday Living's washi tape-covered cable. I keep thinking I need a cute light in my office and am pretty sure some kind of pendant light with a snazzy cord is in order.

What about you? Anybody else fans of colored lighting cables? Where would you use one? I think red ones would be fun for our jam jar lights, but would probably only swing for a green one in my office.

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