Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Blog Business Cards

I figured with this month's trip to The Hive in Berlin I finally had the justification to do something I'd been wanting to do for a while: make blog business cards. I have regular business cards for my editing work, but considering the line of work I do, it's not always the time or place to mention I'm also a craft/creative blogger. However, when I talk about my creative hobbies I almost always also talk about my editing work, so a crossover card was needed.

The main problem with making a blogger card is that your card should ideally illustrate your blog's voice and design aesthetic. Since a major overhaul to my blog's design has yet to happen (but it's on my 2012 Creative Goals list!), I was totally on my own. I rummaged through my graphics files, ran a few drafts by friends, and came up with this double-sided version. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

I had them printed at a local shop since I ran some test drafts there and liked their prices for business cards. I had my professional editing cards made by, so I was curious to see how things compared. I have to say that while local was faster and cheaper, the paper and cutting quality was nowhere near Moo's quality. And you know what? Moo was less than 5 Euro more and would've been done a few days later for standard pricing. I'm not incredibly unhappy with what I have, but next time I'll go back to Moo.

What about you? Do you have personal cards for yourself or your blog? Did you design or make your own, or did you have somebody create them for you?


Carolyn said...

really cute and perfect for your blog!

likeschocolate said...

No, I don't have blog cards, but it would be useful. My husband is always promoting my blog and it would be nice for him to just hand someone a card. I like your cards.

Allison said...

Tja, I need a serious update on my business cards. I don't even have my blog listed on them, and now that I've added business #2, it might be way past time for me.

Love, love, love the way the cards turned out. You picked the right one.

Katie @ said...

Awesome, Juliette. I like how they turned out. The back is perfect, too. The tape measurer says both crafty/sewing and detail-oriented to me. I think that's a brilliant combo expressed in one image.

man and van said...

It is very important to having a business cards because it shows the image of a company like what they sell and how they sell.

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