Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shiny happy bags

These went in the mail the other day. They had fillings. They were part of Craft it Forward 2011. They were fun to make. They are part of the reason I have silver glitter engrained into the rug on my office floor (here's the other reason). I guess that makes my floor a shiny happy floor.

Until I lay on the floor in fleece pants the other night to cut fabric. Now my black fleece pants shimmer. Shiny happy pants.

I'm an official writing instructor and I cringe at my own writing. How much rule-breaking is allowed in blogging? The text in this post is a perfect example of poor style; take heed!

Dare I tell you that I'm about to go correct a stack of writing assignments and a research article? Do you fear for them??  =)


Allison said...

Well you know what they say... shiny, happy bags make shiny, happy people. Oh, oh... one of those names looks fimiliar. Hmmmmm.

..."ooh, ooh, wait a minute mister postman".

Monica said...

Thank you again! I love it ALL and the package totally made my day. Now I just have to find a prominent way to display the lovely tags...

likeschocolate said...

So cute!

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