Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Simple fabric collage

Our half bath is really tiny, but it had a huge blank wall. I had 3 matching frames waiting to be filled, so I thought about what to do. I'm not sold on this being a permanent idea, or even a final version if we do decide to keep these, but I do like them and it was fun to piece them together with what I had on hand. It made me want to try more ideas with fabric collage, so I think I'll have to play with this again at a later date.

Oddly enough, I like them better in person than in any photo I manage to take of them. They definitely look more tactile in person of course, but still. I wonder why that is?


Allison said...

Love, love, love these... especially the Keri Beyer fabric!

You could try taking the glass out of the photo frames for the picture because it might reflect the light a little funny.

Kelly said...

I have the same problems photographing wall art -- especially in small spaces! If you figure out any tricks, let me know. I like your collages. I am finding I need more and more of these word reminders around the house!

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