Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Favorite Pumpkin Cream Soup Recipe

Yum and double yum! This weekend I made pumpkin cream soup (Kürbiscremesuppe) and not only is it my favorite soup, but by messing around with several recipes I came up with my own favorite recipe! I thought I would share it here.

500g/1.1lbs chopped pumpkin (Kürbis)*
2 medium potatoes (Kartoffeln)
1 large onion (Zwiebel) **
20g/2T butter
20g/3T flour (Mehl)
1 liter/4.25c water (Wasser)
1 cube vegetable broth bouillon (Wurfel Gemüsebrühe)
250g/1c+ heavy cream (Schlagsahne)
Salt & Pepper (Salz & Pfeffer)

Garnish with:
pumpkin seeds (Kürbiskerne)
pumpkin seed oil (Kürbiskernöl) -- This just really makes it (in my opinion)!
creme fraiche

 * I used a Hokkaido pumpkin/squash because you don't have to peel the skin off. These are very common in Germany.
** Some people will add a clove of garlic (Knoblauch) and/or a bit of fresh ginger (Ingwer) here to spice things up, but I like mine mellower.

Dice the vegetables and cover in a pot w/butter to steam for a short bit. Mix up the water and seasonings while you wait. Sprinkle steamed veggies with flour, toss to coat. Pour broth mixture over the veggies and cook on medium heat for 30 minutes or until vegetables are soft. Use stick mixer to puree or process in small batches in a blender. Stir in heavy cream when finished.

This recipe is so easy! The hardest part is the chopping and the pureeing -but only if you don't have a stick mixer thing. But really, it's not that bad and it's totally worth it!

Who else likes pumpkin soup? Any favorite things you add to yours? I ate some with a grilled cheese sandwich and some of Monica's tomato jam the other day and it was a DELISH combo!


Monica said...

I love a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar or pumkin seed oil as a finishing garnish for pumpkin soup. Your recipe sounds delicious and I am happy that you are enjoying the tomato jam. :)

FeeMail said...

I love pumpkin soup! Especially when it's a bit sweet, like with apples or sweet potatoes and cinnamon. Yummy :)!

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