Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eye Candy: The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson, of HGTV famedom, has put together a really gorgeous holiday guide packed with features from well-known bloggers, DIY projects, and a pretty hefty gift guide. I'll confess to normally finding gift guides off-putting, but I have to say I clicked through on at least 10 different things, so who knows? Maybe you'll see something you like!
I love the shade of blue on the walls in this last dining room shot, and I really love the world map with 'Joy to the World' written on it! I also think that silver-scape mantel is right up my alley. I definitely want to show more silvery sparkle this holiday season. I'm thinking there's going to be some glitter action this year...anybody else getting on board the glitter boat?

These are just a few of my favorite images, but you can see the whole thing here


Monica said...

Yes! I love love the "Joy to the World" map.

miss b said...

oh, this is sooo wonderful! indeed that "joy to the world" map is amazing! what a beautiful idea!

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