Monday, October 24, 2011

Modern Lines in Old Times: Doors

During some recent travels around Germany I again noticed how classic some designs really are. I thought I'd do a mini-series on some of the places I've seen and maybe you'll also notice the graphic lines I've been appreciating.

This time I wanted to share some of the doors I encountered. Would you like to know what was behind these doors? The red and white door lead into a little stone walled garden; the wooden one to a group of apartments; and an indoor market featuring homemade fruit syrups, honey, waffles and sheep's milk soap was behind the big red door.

If you were to look through my picture files you'd see that I have a habit of photographing doors. Doors always seem like mini works of art to me, especially here in Europe. I've often told my husband that if we ever build a house I'm insisting on a cool door. I'm particularly fixated with the idea of having a diagonal mail slot!

What about you? Anybody else have a fascination with doors? Is it just me?


C N Heidelberg said...

I love looking at doors, too. You have a great little collection here - the one on the left is a totally new design to me - and I love stripes like on the bottom right!

Allison said...

Ohhhh, I'll take door number three! (probably because now I know what's behind it)

My best friend from N.C. had done a collection of door photos that she took while in France. They looked so great hung beside each other in a big collage.

likeschocolate said...

Loved these doors, and I read your comment on Allisons blog about being practical. Very German of you -he hee :)
I am married to a German so I hope you took that with no offense.

tracey said...

I LOVE these doors! I love the modern take to them. Love the lines and of course the colors!

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