Thursday, September 29, 2011

Checked Off: More Pillow Covers

I recently gave my office/crafting room a total deep clean. The new semester is about to start at the Uni and I'm slated to teach 3+ classes, so it was time to get organized. Shamefacedly, I must admit that one of the things I found when I cleaned up was a bag of pillows and fabric that was supposed to become new pillow covers for my mother-in-law.

Gracious woman that she is hadn't asked me about them for months because she knew I was busy (yes, my MIL is tops!). So last night I cranked them out, crossed them off the list, and moved them out of my space. Phew!
So while I'm basically mortified that I forgot about these (um, and that other bag of mending) for so long, I have to say I was pretty pleased with how fast I was able to get them done! I also noticed how I can sew in a straight line super fast now. I've come a long way! I feel so victorious!

We have house guests coming in two weeks and my goal is to get these other pillows cranked out by then as well. There. I've stated it publicly. Let's see if that creates enough pressure...ha!

Anybody else celebrating little victories?


Allison said...

So would it create even more pressure if I were to tell you that I have been expecting them too? ; )

Not really, because I always say that creativity has to first strike instead of forcing yourself to work on something that you don't have the inspiration for... one only has to use the darn seam ripper too many times!

Monica said...

Pillows turned out nice!! One of my favorite IKEA fabrics - I like all of the colorways.
Although I haven't blogged about it much (or anything else for that matter) I am making progress clearing and organizing the house.

Juliette said...

oh I know Allison!! =P Seriously though, these Joel Dewberry pillows have to be one of the most eternally-dragging projects I've ever had!!

Monica- it's a great pattern, isn't it? I like how versatile it is!

Barb said...

They're beautiful!! Ikea has FABRIC? What next?!!!

Ingrid said...

Great job!! I love that fabric.

nic hildebrandt said...

mustard yellow + grey = total awesomeness!

:) nic

Kelly said...

These are gorgeous. Well done! (I write this as I look over at the stack of fabric still waiting to be made into pillows... ahem.) Love the fabric choice. Yay for little victories!

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