Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pillow progress: nerdy pattern diagrams

So I've got it all mapped out. Like when I made my tablecloth, I got all nerdy and had to diagram every little detail. Unfortunately, I will be spending the greater majority of this week painting my mother-in-law's living room, so I'm not sure how much further I'm going to get with my pillows. Sigh.

Also: Did you ever ask somebody how to spell a word and they told you to look it up? That always annoyed me because how can you look it up in the dictionary if you can't spell it? I'm just asking.

This was my problem when I realized I had 2 corner seams in my pattern design that were going to be messy. I knew there had to be some quilting/patchwork term for these seams, but I couldn't search Google or YouTube for help because I had no term to search for; 'corner seam' was not helping.
Thank goodness for Photoshop, email, and my mom's friend who's pretty much a patchwork pro. I drafted an image of the pattern and used the green stars to illustrate my worry-points. She promptly wrote back to tell me they were called "Y Seams" and they could be difficult. She also included links to not one, but two YouTube videos illustrating a how-to....in English. Woot! Thanks Paula!

So now I feel all empowered to get this project finished. Oh my goodness this project is dragging out so much longer than intended....but that's life, right? Do you have any projects that have been dragging on for an eternity?

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Kelly said...

Your illustrations up top look like they could have been torn right out of my notebook. This is exactly how I work out my patterns -- on plain computer paper. Good luck with your Y-seam! And um yes, I feel like every project I have is falling into the category lately -- my own pillows included. ;-)

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