Monday, July 25, 2011

8 Affordable (or free) DIY projects

I thought I'd share some cute and affordable DIYs I've spotted recently. I could actually do every single one of these projects with things I already have at home, with the exception of #4 and #6. Hmmm....

1) Repurpose an old oven rack

2) Sania Pell makes fabric wrapped vases

3) printer paper + pens = summer lanterns from Sinnenrausch (see? we all love candle wraps, heh)

4) Ikea planter-turned-pendant light (reminds me of our own jam jar lights)

5) Twisted wire candle holder from Sinnenrausch -simple and fast!

6) An easy and affordable DIY screen from the Ikea blog (4 hinges and 3 Ivar shelf ends)

7) Lots of good ideas from this photo from a Norwegian blogger's home: ombre drawers, simply hanging a sheet of wallpaper, the pillow applique, the twig mobile, styling a tabletop, etc.

8) Map picture frames from Martha Stewart

I think the map project is my favorite, but probably because I already have been working on some old map ideas of my own, ha! Seriously though, #7 really makes me want to buy a roll of pretty wallpaper. What about you? Anything here strike your fancy?


Edelweiss&Enzian said...

I really like the twisted wire candle holder!
I think i will try it some days!

Monica said...

I am liking the fabric wrapped vase and the map picture frame. Things to add to my pinboard, but before I pursue those DIYs I still have to paint my stool.

Openbox S9 HD said...

All the Eight Affordable DIY Projects are very good. Map Picture Frame are looking very great and i really like this frame.

Allison said...

I thought the oven rack was an interesting idea. I don't think I would actually do it though... it would really take the right kind of room/look to pull it off.

I almost bought that exact Ikea planter just the other day... I love the lace edgining.

Oh... the wallpaper I think is from Pip, the same company that did my favorite mugs. I looked at that too ; )

Greetings now from this side of the pond!

Juliette said...

@Allison - I totally agree about that oven rack project needing the right kind of room. And the wallpaper being Pip? I wouldn't even be surprised; they have the cutest stuff! =)

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