Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Nametags: Finished

I just wanted to share the 'after' shot of what the 'Herbst Laune Nametags' ended up looking like. Are you surprised to see more post paper? Hardly. This was a fun little project that used things I already had, namely post paper and twine, ha ha!

Seriously though, years ago I bought a package of handmade paper scraps and there were certain colors and prints that have just never appealed to me. Instead of throwing them away, or giving them to somebody else, I hoarded them. Anybody else do this? It's a terrible habit, isn't it? Well, I don't see this habit changing because the fact that I was actually able to use these scraps just adds fuel to my craft supply-hoarder fire. Sad, but true.

I'm pretty happy with how they look in small amounts, so using them in this way was perfect. I printed out all the names on a section of post paper, cut them out, and then attached all the layers together with a loop of twine.

You'll notice that these are pretty long 'nametags' and that's because they primarily served as place cards, but also as a place for notes. This could be fun for a Thanksgiving table setting so guests could write down what they're thankful for.

I hope you have a good weekend. We'll be celebrating Erntedankfest, which is similar to the US Thanksgiving holiday. I'm also hoping to get our balcony decked out for the fall/winter months. What are you up to?


Allison said...

These turned out great!

Nope, no hoarding here... not me. Wouldn't even know what you are talking about (fingers crossed behind back)

Ingrid said...

I really like those colors! Very nice!

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