Monday, August 22, 2011

Fast project: Clipped Butterflies

Butterflies have been popping up all over the place and I've been meaning to do a project similar to this display by Prydelig. I actually made a collection like this once, but with real insects. It was for a school project. This time around I won't be harming any creatures, but I will need to get a new ink cartridge for my printer!

Are you a butterfly fan? What insect would you display in your home?

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nic hildebrandt said...

totally awesome! :)

dunja said...

liebe juliette, das sieht so herzallerliebst aus! ich liiiiieebe schmetterlinge.....herzliche waldgrüße, dunja

Allison said...

Super project idea... for me it's butterfiles and dragonflies... maybe even grasshoppers.

I perhaps never had to do the school project, but collecting things like lighting bugs and such were a favortie of mine.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely... I'm going to give this a whirl this weekend. My daughter will enjoy it as well. She's got such a thing for butterflies and bugs right now.

Traveling Mama said...

This is so pretty! I need to send you some punched paper ones. I always punch out my paper scraps into butterflies!

Juliette said...

Tina - oh my goodness, you're so smart! I should totally pick up a butterfly punch while I'm in the US. So much cheaper/easier to find!

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