Thursday, June 23, 2011

My unstyled life: summer twilight

I've written about my unstyled life before and I wanted to share some images I caught around the house the other night. I find that the sunlight can really be different here in Europe, so here are some glimpses of it filtering through our home (and yes, the pom is still getting tossed around!).
*Disclaimer: I'm not trying to be 'arty' here, just trying to capture something I enjoy -how the evening sunlight paints our home. I find myself wishing I had a camera better suited to low light situations, but you get the idea!
The sun rises on one side of our house and sets on the other and I just find it so interesting how different the light can look at any given point in the day in a certain room. I like noticing the subtle changes in color as the sun sets a little more. See how the orange deepens ever so slightly after a few seconds? Do you ever notice this in your own home?
Do you notice changes in the light when you travel? I totally do. I wonder if it's a real-deal-scientific-fact thing, or just you know?


Monica said...

I love the light and dark contrast of your pictures. It is an effect that I love observing in my home too.

Allison said...

That looks like a pretty serious Kitchen Aid mixer, no matter what light it is in. I never do enough baking to justify buying such a machine.

I'll notice it getting darker much earlier in the evenings when I go home it July/Aug... yeah, country roads take me home!!! (you too?)

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