Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My unstyled life: in my office

A while ago I read a post by Jules about finding the beauty in the everyday. She ended up running a series for a while on this topic and I like the words she used to describe this concept:

My unstyled life isn’t messy or clean or ugly or stunning. Instead, my goal is to create a home that reflects back the spirit and personality of our family. It’s a work in progress. Sometimes the beauty in my life is by accident, other times it’s intentional. It’s there, either way, because when I remember to fill my home with what I love–person, place, or thing–odds are it will be beautiful. Maybe not always appreciated, but always beautiful. 

I touched a little on showing the not-polished-for-the-blog concept with my craft fails, but aside from showing failures, I decided I would take up the idea of periodically posting some unstyled shots of real life.

Today's pictures are of what I see when I turn away from my desk. Tucked under the skylight is my little reading corner and the lamp that lights it up at night. Incidentally, both the chair and pillow are awaiting much-needed slipcovers, but from here they still look nice. This is where I sit when I need to be away from the computer. Yesterday I spun around to take a break and smiled at my happy little corner and planned to enjoy it later.

Do you have a happy little corner somewhere?


Allison said...

It's easy to miss the beauty when you are the one in the middle of it. There are so many projects in my head to improve this room or that one, but I guess it sometimes a process coming to a full state of satisfaction with what we have. I happen to like your cheery, bright, clean lines, and modern room. Enjoy!

Kelly said...

I think about this a lot too. Many times the photos I admire most are the ones that are "work in progress." My current happy little corner is in my studio. If I stand just right, I only see the clean corner of my desk. Bliss!

maybe*mej said...

I love your daily life photos. most of the time it is a mess here at home..things everywhere.. but so what. =) Without all those things there is no life in the house. You wouldn´t se that there are kids in the house for example.. and so on. I love my house.. My favorite corner are in my scrapbookingroom where i also have my computer. =)


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