Tuesday, March 22, 2011

German DIY e-mag: Eigenwerk

Oh my goodness you guys, I'm so swamped with editing work and curtain hemming -it's sick! Hemming curtains stinks; long swaths of material are so awkward to work with! Still, I managed to make some time to flip through a new, free German e-Mag called Eigenwerk: Das Magazin für Macher (lit. 'own work: the magazine for makers'). I heard about it over on the Sodapop-Design blog, so thought I'd post on it here to share the love.

Habt ihr das neuen Deutsche e-Magazin, Eigenwerk: Das Magazin für Macher, schön gesehen? Ich habe es Gestern als erste Mal gesehen via das Sodapop-Design Blog.

This issue has a heavy focus on knitting and crochet (which are pretty big here in Germany in general), so I couldn't relate too much, but still. I thought it was cool to finally see a German DIY e-mag after having enjoyed so many from the US for so long.

Das Thema geht meistens um Hakeln (nicht so meine Ding), aber ist schon was Interessantes zu lesen.

Are there other German e-mags out there that I haven't heard of? Likely! If you know of any, share them in the comments!

Gibts andere Deutsche e-Magazinen??


dunja said...

das ist ein wirlich tolles e-mag, sowas in die richtung kenne ich noch gar nicht. besonders klasse finde ich die "fadenscheinigen möbel"! liebe grüße, dunja

Allison said...

I've not personally seen it yet, but it looks like Kleinformat magazin (http://www.kleinformat-mag.net/) is another German DIY magazine focused on kids items. I've been wanting to check it out for quite some time.

Oh, if there were only 25 hours in the day... sigh!

Monica said...

Just checked out the magazine and love it. Thanks for the tip. There is a DIY for a Random Light, always wanted to try it since I first read about it at Anna's - D16.
Hope that you get some time to get out and enjoy some of the great weather we have been having!

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