Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Corner View: From where I'm sitting

I thought I would pop in to blow off the dust, enjoy the sound of crickets (not), and post for this week's Corner View. It seems fitting that this week's theme is "From where I'm sitting" because this allows me to show you why it's been dead around here lately rather than boring you with too many words.


You may or may not be aware of the fact that I'm a freelance editor (really? no clue? check out my website). Like most freelancers, work comes in spurts and, like the rain in German springs: when it rains, it pours!


I also teach part time at our local university. This is where I help the science guys learn how to write better research papers and clean up their English. In the fall I'll be teaching ESL here as well, which prompted my recent attandence of a teacher's conference, where I went into information overload. I do like the mix of activity, but I wish there was a way to regulate the flow...


because if I were to spin my chair around to look at what's opposite of my desk, I have this stack of temptation boring holes in my back as I slave away at my editing. Really, I do wish we could get our doors on these shelves!


I've also been getting the house ready for guests who arrive tomorrow and been ignoring the fact that a week from today I'll be in the US (because there is soooo much to do before then!).

For more (likely less stressful) corner views from around the world, head on over to Spain Daily.


Amie McCracken said...

Well, it's pouring at your house. Enjoy it while you can, because when it's dry you'll be wanting all that work back.

juliette said...

Amie you're so right - this is why I wish I could regulate it! =P It's either crickets on the blog or crickets at the work desk.

I'm getting ready for another 'crickets' season during the summer months when all of Europe goes on vacay. Thankfully we are, too, so it won't be as bad. =)

Jen said...

I love visiting your blog, it's so beautiful! I love the pictures and the designs and how you come up with your fonts and things! I'm not near that fancy... I suppose I envy you, only slightly of course!

There is no happy medium is there... I'm with Amie enjoy it while it comes... I guess spurts are nice!!!

Eeek! Crickets! They are such weird little bugs aren't they!

Anonymous said...

there's nothing like a moment to reflect....happy creating!

Traveling Mama said...

I know that feeling... all that inspiration so close and yet no time to really sit and enjoy it. Which is one of countless reasons why I cannot wait to get settled in CPH! Won't be much longer now! Yay! I cannot wait to hear more about your trip to the States! We can wave as we cross paths! At least I will get to see you when you come to CPH, enshahallah (the Lord willin' and the crick don't rise!) LOL! Sounds like it's time to get this southern girl out of the South! :-)

jane said...

my brain hurts... :) good for you! and enjoy your trip! hugs!

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