Monday, June 7, 2010

beach bound + freebies

I'm still taking a project with me on the plane tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to my trip to the US. I'll be heading down to North Carolina to spend some quality time on the beach with my family and build sand castles with my little niece. I'm sure there'll be some freshly caught seafood and vinegar BBQ in there as well! I love love love the Carolina beaches -I can't say it enough! Dunes, warm water, surf to play in, soft sand to dig in, gorgeous wildlife, tasty seafood...

(photos from Crackpot Creative)

I thought I'd leave you with some freebies and fun that I've found around the blogosphere. It's really amazing how talented some folks are!


1. Ez's got a lovely DIY tute on how to doll up some decorative clothespins.
2. Benign Objects has a great free downloadable CD sleeve (and a fun free playlist too!)
3. Joy the Baker has a recipe for killer chocolate peanut butter cupcakes - I'm going to the land of Reese's - yeah!
4. Jessica featured some quirky greeting cards to download for free.
5. Strawberry lemonade cupcakes? um, yes please! (via I still love you)
6. iDiY delivers again with some cute free vintage labels.

Enjoy and see you in two weeks!


Carolyn said... husband's jealous. Have so much fun! May I ask what program you use to do your cute number graphics?

juliette said...

hey Carolyn! I use Photoshop Elements for my graphics, but I confess to grabbing the circle graphics from Pugly Pixel. I should have included her in my list of freebies b/c she's got some fantastic free digital elements! Here's her link: I've got plans for that washi tape! =)

monika said...

I hope you will have a wonderful time in the US!

Allison said...

Oh, you left me drooling! I love Carolina barbeque... the best! I probably told you already (I forget sometimes and tell things twice) I used to live in good 'ol NC... three years just outside of Raleigh and six just outside of Charlotte. Sometimes I miss the weather and sometimes I don't. That is why Northern German, cold, rainy, unpredicable summers have been quite and adjustment for me... sigh. I hope you have a great time. I've been meaning to comment about your exciting "happenings" that you wrote about on your other blog. I can't wait to see how things develop. Isn't is great how some things just fall into place?

...Viel SpaƟ!

jane said...

have a wonderful time!!

travelingmama said...

I love all the links! Have an absolutely wonderful time with your family and load up those suitcases with fun goodies! :-) Big hugs!!

Elle Sees said...

enjoy your trip! and thanks for the links!

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