Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Easy candle wrap DIY (part 1)

I made some of these a while ago for a little event, but then decided to re-use them at home as well as try some new variations. They're a fun way to use up things you may already have at home.
What you'll need:
- Translucent paper
- tape (I used some Japanese masking tape)
- scissors
- measuring tape (optional)

See? It's a short list! Even grabbing a sheet of vellum won't set you back too far, so see if you can find a color that suits your fancy. I already had some green at home, so I just used that.

Measure the circumference of your candle holder and tear a piece of tape that length + a bit extra to overlap. Cut a strip of translucent paper the same width and attach to tape and then wrap around candle holder. Finished!

I trimmed the tops of some to look like grass for the little spring event I helped decorate, but I also used some random shapes cut from the translucent paper to try some other variations. One looks a little like a crown and the other reminds me of an aloe plant, ha. I found overlapping little bits of translucent paper to be kind of fun, so see what you come up with!

* Caution: paper + open flame = could be scary, so use good judgement here!


Monica said...

love it, pinned it. :)

Edelweiss&Enzian said...

Love your blog!
Follow you now, follow me back?

Carolyn said...

so cute, crafty lady. I love the little nighttime shots.

Juliette said...

@Carolyn -yup, rockin' the point and shoot, ha! I really don't know why the last set makes them look alien-green though, kinda creepy IMO! =P

You know I had to wait awhile to get a dark shot...not sure what I was thinking posting a candle project on the longest day of the year...ehrm...

Kelly said...

Oh, I love this - especially the grass shaped one. They really look mesmerizing all lined up like that. Go you!

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