Monday, June 20, 2011

Balcony love

Some of the seedlings have finally made their way up our DIY privacy screen and have finally bloomed. Hurray! Of course this means there's no more room to hang up the fabric panel, but that's ok.
Instead it makes an appearance as a table cloth as we snack outside one evening. Green tea, olive bread and soft cheese...delish! Notice the little elephant cutting board? That was my husband's Frühstücksbrettchen when he was a child. It used to host his morning Brötchen (bread roll w/meat and cheese), but now we use it primarily as a small cutting board or cheese board.

How is your garden blooming?


Lili said...

Ooh I had quite a similar Frühstücksbrettchen :-D Mine was in the form of a little bunny but from the same wood and I bet they both feel the same way touching the surface. I wonder if this is something (rather) unique to Germany, as we eat so much bread? Only recently the warm meal of the day moved from lunch to dinner, thus cancelling the well-known bread in the evening ;-)

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Allison said...

That's so sweet that Stefan still has his childhood Frühstücksbrettchen. To answer Lili's comment, I never had my own, personal, little cutting board, did you? So I would have to say that it's pretty unique to Germany. Hmmm... not everyone has moved to warm meals in the evening. My parents-in-law eat sandwichs just about every night. While I like belegtes Brötchen, I always feel hungry not long afterwards. My poor German husband is always thrilled when he gets sandwichs for dinner instead of a warm meal... funny, oder?

Juliette said...

I'd never heard of anything like a personal cutting board back in the States, but for some reason I'm thinking Japan has something similar...?? Not sure about that.

We actually do warm lunches, but that's because I work from home and my husband is a teacher and is able to come home for lunch. =) For dinner it's 'everyman for himself', LOL! I usually do cheese and yogurt, which is way too much dairy to be healthy, but I think all the protein keeps me from being hungry later.

likeschocolate said...

More than anything right now, I wish my son could bring home some good German bread home with him. I guess I will just have to settle for chocolate. He will be there until the 9th. I miss him.

Anonymous said...

sad to ay... the plants have never liked me! Not even a wee bit of encouragement there.. :-(

That little cutting board is also something new for me! i have never heard of a kid cutting board!

Monica said...

Not to much blooming in my garden at the moment. The lavender is pretty done. I am waiting to cut is down until it is dry (which seems like never at the moment) because I want to make lavender oil. The roses are between bloom and the hostas are about to. I do have a mini petunia and a scented geranium (smells like coke! really!) that are blooming up a storm.
I never had my own Fruehstuecksbretchen as we always had our warm meal in the evening. My grandmother had lots of them that were made of plastic in bright primary colors. I loved them. They are becoming quite fashionable again with companies like Remember putting out ones with interesting prints and patterns.

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