Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Creative Goals 2011 Check-up

So we've hit the 6th month of the year meaning we're halfway through 2011...although I suppose the end of the month is more of the halfway mark, right? Still, I thought it would be fun to check in and see how I'm doing on my 2011 Creative Goals.
*please excuse the mess, ideas at work
1. Sew slower (and thereby neater)! I always rush rush rush and it often shows. (check, I've totally been mindful of this and have slowed way down!)

2. I have this idea for patchwork-esque pillows for the living room. I have drafts...but am yet to be satisfied with a pattern. (pattern set, just need some time...)

3. Make a quilt of sorts. I will probably start small; maybe a doll or baby quilt like Allison's? (not yet...)

4. Really try to make a tunic top. Remember these ideas I had? (yep, all done! check it out here)

5. I have an idea for a kind of pocketed bulletin board for my office...needs refining. (I've been refining and just need to execute, so yes there is progress!)

6. Improve my photography so I mess less with Photoshop. (I've been making concerted efforts, but am not so happy, so sort of...)

7. Paint a mirror I have white. (not yet...)

8. Assemble and hang wall art in the kitchen. (not yet...)

9. Install a zipper on something. (not yet...)

10. Learn how to buttonhole on the sewing machine. (not yet...)

11. Post here more often! (yup, check that!)

So SIX-ISH OUT OF ELEVEN; it looks like I'm doing pretty well overall, hurrah! Although I totally need to get in gear and start cranking on the Craft It Forward 2011 Project, cough cough. (btw- there's still one spot left if you want to jump in here!)

What about you? How are you doing on your goals and aspirations for 2011? Progress?


Allison said...

Yeah for #1! Funny thing is that even though I say to slow down all the time, I don't always follow this advice. But, the more you sew, the more you get a feeling for how the machine works and then you can speed up... plus I have to say that once I changed sewing machines that it made a world of difference in my sewing.

You gotta be really proud about #4... oder?

Might I just add that zippers aren't as hard as they might seem... but a zipper foot makes all the differece! Buttonholes aren't too bad either... all do-able goals

Six of 'em, not bad, not bad at all!

Monica said...

You seem on track! Me, not so much. Luckily it is June 1st and I still have some time (to waste). ;)

Ingrid said...

I love your *please excuse the mess, ideas at work comment! LOL cute

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