Thursday, March 25, 2010

Local German Architecture

So yesterday I went out to take advantage of the bit of free time and afternoon light I had. I was all excited.

and then two things happened:

1) I was on one of the elevators that go up into the old city, and it broke. I stood there in shock with 3 loud and rowdy teenage boys. They proceeded to yell, kick everything in the elevator (further freaking me out), jump up and down (also not helping), and playing disco with the alarm bell. A too-quiet woman's voice came through a microphone asking what was wrong. The 3 boys all proceeded to yell and laugh as they attempted to explain the situation. I was about to just start yelling at them in English, it was so awful. The cacophony alone... By the time I finally got out of the elevator, I felt like I was seasick and couldn't walk straight. I just decided to walk up the hill sans elevator.

2) I was taking random shots, trying to get myself warmed up to take building pictures, when my battery died. Bye bye. I just...I just....ugh. I went and made myself a hair appointment at the salon and drove home.

So, here are the remnants. I had cooler shots in mind, alas, that is where they'll have to stay for now. To be honest, typical German architecture is not all the fachwerk fairytale stuff you might be thinking of. Although, as you can see here, my area still has a lot of original fachwerk structures.


Lots of Germany was bombed flat during the world wars, so there's plenty of generic, post-war stuff to be seen. Also, Germany did not stop building things in 1632 or 1927 or 1952. Modern architecture here is actually pretty fun stuff; sadly, I only have one shot of a truly recent building.


For more Corner Views of architecture from around the world, head over to Spain Daily!


Liz said...

I find this so fascinating. Especially since every building in my neighborhood was built after 1955. :)

Georgianna said...

The elevator experience sounds awful. Well, in spite of all the challenges, you got some terrific images. Very interesting to see the architecture and look forward to your next sojourn! Have a great weekend. – g

likeschocolate said...

I love the houses that were build in the 1920's thought the older houses do have that hansel and gretel charm. Bis Spaeter-kelleyn

jane said...

these are wonderful! and i´m still laughing about the elevator... sorry... i can´t help it:)

Laura said...

Oh man this makes me miss Marburg!

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