Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Roadtrip 2010: dream Swedish coastline

This summer we're hoping for an epic, albeit shoestring, roadtrip. We have 5 weeks of vacation and, although we don't want to spend the entire time away from home, we do want to drive through Scandinavia.


One stop we're dreaming of is a little Swedish seaside town as we drive between Copenhagen and Stockholm. We're not sure where, but somewhere like this picture!

swedish coast 2 words web

Have you ever been to coastal Sweden? Have any tips on where to go and where to stay?


flying scissors said...

Hej or hejsan

-like the swedish are saying

Yeah, i´ve been to the swedish coast for several times.Are you going by car? There a many nice places to go, visit and stay for.

We also going to norway and sweden this summer. and my parents live on one of the greatest swedish islands most part of the year. Öland on the east coast.

I have to pick up the little one from kindergarden- but come back later with some tips.

juliette said...

FS - thanks! looking forward to some tips! We are taking the car, so things far from main highways or rail stations are fine (probably better...?)

We will only be spending one or 2 nights as we head north and return south later, and we're on a budget, but we want to make the most of our time there - seeing corners of Sweden most tourists don't visit. =)

flying scissors said...

Hej Juliette,

there is an interesting place not so far away from Höganäs. There are interesting huge wooden sculptures called Nimis and Arx.
It´s at the Coast. Search for Ladonia, Nimis on wikipedia. If never been there but maybe this year.

Than there is a beach that i love very much. It´s Mellbystrand in the Laholmbukten(Laholm bay). There are many Campingsites around there.

If you like a more rocky coast. Maybe go to Gothenburg, stay a night at the youth hostel ship its near the opera and than do a boattrip to Marstrand through the archipelago. Marstrand is nice as well. You also can get there by car. But maybe crowded in summer. The swedes like their coasts.

Do you know the Allemansrätten/Freedom to roam?

In Sweden it allows you to stay in any place (not private gardens, cultured land or reservates) and camp for one night without permission at the same place. I often used it when i was on Interrail. It´s very good for the budget.

Then i like the islands Tjörn and Orust as well.

If you like canoeing the region of Dalsland with it great lakes is good for that. I worked in that region for a year.
And if you like hiking Tresticklans nationalpark is great for that in the dalslands region. it´s near the norwegian border.

If you have more questions, just email me. Planning roadtrips are such a fun. We too have to do it. Were going at the end of July for 4 weeks.

Have a nice day.

astrid aka flyingscissors

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