Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 DIYs, strawberries, and vegan cooking

This week has been super busy with work, but here are a few things I've bookmarked to check out soon, maybe you'll enjoy some of them as well!


1. Ruche posted a fabulous DIY on some cheap, different, and easy ways to dress your walls.

2. Christine posted a great DIY on fabric covered flower pots - totally cute way to dress up the mismatched pots I know we have in our house.

3. Free Photoshop actions...even 2 free ones for us PSE users.

4. Martha's marbleized Easter eggs DIY

5. Martha's strawberry sponge cake

6. Martha's strawberry shortcake jellies (really cool!).

7. Hearty spiced cocoa vegan cupcakes from Madcap Cupcake's MoFo Vegan series - yum!

8. The Ridiculously Simple Vegan recipe page (and usually superfast) over at the Fat Free Vegan (that potato soup looks fantastisch!)

9. Adventures in Dressmaking is making we think about sewing clothes. (ahem, after I get my office craft-ready)

I'll be posting my new Corner View tomorrow. This week's theme is local architecture, so you know I have some interesting things to post! It just won't be today... =)


Punctuation Mark said...

very cute... will check them out... thanks!

Pen and View said...

Well that just about set my taste buds off and creative juices flowing. And I haven't even looked at the sites! I've done that with cupcakes and it's super easy and fun. Love your blog look btw. :) I need to update mine. Time...have no time!

Angie Muresan said...

Oh, oh, oh! The deliciousness of it all! And the beauty, too.

Theresa said...

How very fun!

jane said...

thank you!

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