Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bloggy Botox: a new look

This blog is a work in progress, twisting and changing over time, like me. So this past week, in relation to my class, I've been learning how to use the Photoshop Elements program on my computer. I'll actually need to have a working knowledge of PSE for a unique work project I have coming up later this year, so the timing was perfect.

It's fun. Some things are ridiculously simple (like these new labels), and others had me hitting pause every three seconds on tutorial videos! Take the new header, for example. I'm not looooving it, but I like it. I think I'll punch it up later on; it feels like it's missing something. One element was 'cut out' of a photo of my recent collage, and I think it's not a very clean cut. Feel free to offer up some constructive criticism!
I've also added an 'about me' page and a page dedicated to tutorials. The Living Colors page is still a mystery, but I'm looking forward to filling that page up in the future! More on that later.
Finally, I've added a page just for the blogroll. It will be a little more organized and user-friendly than this crazy long list I've got going! I still need to finish some things (blogroll!), and tweak a few things, but I think I'm on my way to something less like a dumping ground, and more like a place where we can comfortably kick back.

What do you think? Love it, hate it, find it just 'meh'?
Would you change anything?


frauheuberg said...

oh, i love the new style...really great job...and i´m very exciting for what will come the next weeks on your super job...congratulations...and have a lovley weekend...see you in class...cheers ines

Allison said...

Sehr schön! I think it looks very bright and fresh. Love the labels and the pop of orange repeated all over. It sounds like you are really having fun with this class.

Spotted Sparrow said...

It looks great! Can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve.

M.S. said...

Yay!! It sounds like you are having SO much fun Jules. I'm so glad and you're good at it too!!! Big hugs for all your hard and lovely work.

Suze said...

I sincerely LOVE this whole "vintage typewriter" effect! Well done!
If I can say, personally I find the background is possibly a little too... white? Do you have any plan about it? Maybe a vintage paper background?

Your blog is lovely! Just started following you.

PS: So happy you like my "facelift" too! :)

juliette said...

thanks all!

Suze - I totally agree on the white background thing. I've been playing w/a few ideas, but I kind of freak out on the HTML altering thing, so it may take a while longer... =)

Milk Woman said...

Juliette, you've done an amazing job! Your blog is really great! I love all those buttons (btw how on earth do you manage to do those?) and I finally was able to understand how you add pages in Blogger!
Keep up the good work! I'll keep coming Zu Hause!

Anonymous said...

Das machst du super! The labels are great, very unique style! Simple is always the best! Keep on going, great changes!
See you in class! Steffi

Lydia, Clueless Crafter said...

Juliette, the second I stopped by I felt more at home here. I very much like that your place is not fussy visually, a common issue with a lot of spaces.

Another thing that struck me is that I remember your site when I see it. I know what it's about, what you're like - basically, you're creating a memorable identity. There are MANY places I've been that I cannot remember having ever seen it, though I have millions of times.

I'm really impressed by the fact you've taken on learning new skills.

laura@makemerry! said...

Ohh I love your blog and your creative style! I don't know what it looked like before, but the new blog header is perfect. Thanks for stopping by :)

travelingmama said...

Okaaay! This is awesome! I love the labels. Please, please, please tell me how you did those! I have been telling my husband for a while that I wanted something like that but neither of us could figure out how to do it.

I love the new header! The center graphics with your title is AWESOME! I love the picture on the right too, but I think it would be great if it were just a little bigger? Or maybe add another one in a collage style. That would be cool too!

Hope you have a great day!
{{hugs}} from America!

travelingmama said...

Sorry! It's me again! I just checked out your about page and it is really great too! And your blogroll is so cool with the descriptions like that. I know that must have taken some time! BTW- thanks for including me! I am so honored! It has been such a joy to get to know you... and all because I clicked on your link about what Holly should pack for her big move!

Carolyn said...

White background is best. If you do a big design it gets to be too much and takes over from the content. There;s been a study on it and white wins hands down! I like your new design. I am jealous of you! I want to learn from Holly. Great job. I also need to learn more Photoshop tricks! Can't wait to see more tweaks.

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