Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Soggy inspiration

On Valentine's Day we discovered more than 10 soaking wet boxes up in our attic. Long story short, only boxes containing my husband's favorite childhood books and old schoolbooks were among the damaged items. Now every square inch of free floor space is covered with books drying. We run around flipping them over, trying to flatten their covers, etc. While it's sad, it's also fun to see some of the books out again. Hopefully we'll one day have a place to store them properly, however now we're scared to put anything back up in the attic....

Some old Latin schoolbooks, and the story of Peter Rabbit, or Peter Hase (hah-zuh), as he's called in German. Even better, instead of his siblings being called Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, we have Flopsi, Mopsi, and Wollschwanz (literally 'wool tail'). Hee! Peter Hase and Wollschwanz hopping down the bunny trail! Just makes me smile!

More old Latin schoolbooks, some of my pretty Valentine's ranunculus bouquet, and a vintage Tin-Tin book, or Tim and Struppi as it's known in German. Struppi, is Snowy, Tin-Tin's little white dog. If you've never heard of Tin-Tin, you're missing out! Find them and buy them for the children in your life, especially the little boys!

What were some of your favorite children's books or authors?
I used to love Enid Blyton books!


cliff1976 said...

Oh man, what a pain. Reminds me of when that happened to B of Eurotrippen fame in Dresden a year ago (or several). I wonder if it's worse when you're a parent and stuff gets ruined / damaged unavoidably - suspect there might be more guilt involved.

I enjoyed the Frog & Toad series as a youngster, but the only title I can recall is Frog & Toad Are Friends. Oh, and of course the Clifford the Big Red Dog series.

mamutopia said...

Oh Enid Blyton! I totally forgot about her.

I always love to read Dutch books about 'Jip en Janneke' :)

GOSIA said...

I think this header is just fine. It really matches all the links on the right. Nice homework, wasn't it?

travelingmama said...

Oh no! I would have cried! I wouldn't want to put anything back up there either! Hopefully all is dry and well now!

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