Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trying something new

I've been busy with work related things as well as the Blogging Your Way class that I'm taking. You may have noticed the little badge over on my sidebar. The class has been really interesting so far. I've enjoyed how it's got my wheels turning on a lot of things, not just my blogs.

In addition to Holly, we have Leslie as a second instructor. This past week there was a bit of talk about lighting in the forums, so I thought I would play around with my camera and lighting, both in the apartment and with the Picasa software I've been using. I really need to start using the Photoshop Elements program I have, but it's a bit daunting.

By no means am I nearly anywhere as skilled as Leslie in her photography and staging, but it's fun to goof off a little for now until I figure out how I want to utilize this area of the class. I don't know that I really see myself styling color groupings like she does, but it's fun to play with the concept for now. It's a challenge to find small things in the house in the same color! Maybe it will trigger something else that's more 'me'.

Meanwhile, I'm really wishing for some good light. I have a few more tricks to try that involve a white tablecloth, but this snowy gray weather isn't helping things.


Epp said...

Cool that you're taking the blogging class. I will follow your progress more closely from now on.

I know what you mean by the lack of proper light. Now that spring is coming closer though it is getting better every day (also the snow outside seems to help things, reflecting light), but racing with daylight to take proper product photos can be very exhausting indeed.

I am using Adobe Photoshop to process the product pictures for my Etsy site. Time-consuming (I use different layers, desaturating the background, etc.), but it's worth it.

Great red-and-white compilation, by the way! :)

vmichelle said...

Leslie's also inspiring me to venture out with photography a bit more. Btw, as regards photo-editing, I've just recently starting playing with the free, online and seemingly easy Fotoflexer: http://fotoflexer.com/

Pen and View said...

I wish I wasn't thousands of miles away, I'd come over and give you PSE lessons!

juliette said...

@michelle - thanks for the link!

@ Epp - thanks, and your product photos are great; they really make your pieces stand out from the crowd (as if they needed that much help anyhow =)

@ T - how cool would it be if you could come over - PSE lessons or not?! =) Our paths will have to cross again one day!

Jardino said...

Thank you fellow BYW classmate... I am trying to promote my photography, although I'm terrible at at;)

I really like your red collection here - it has interesting lines in the styling.

For poor light? I recommend you try invest in a tripod. It will certainly help you when the weather won't abide!

Carolyn said...

You're taking a blogging class with Holly? So jealous!

Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

Oh - hope you're having fun in that class. Lucky girl! I can't wait to see what comes for you.
What fun items you're shooting.

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