Monday, January 18, 2010

Fabric kick-off for 2010

One Yard Wonders showed up under the tree this year, and I was pretty excited. It seems like a great book of beginner/intermediate projects, a lot of which I think I will actually do. It was also practical since fabric shops are so scarce here in Germany (and prices tend to be pretty astronomical compared to US prices), so project ideas using smaller amounts of fabric are good to have on hand. This is not to say I didn't take the opportunity to stock up on fabric in the US while we were there for the holidays!

My parents live in the Midwest, where quilt shops abound. There are also lots of Jo-Ann's around as well. So, combined with Christmas gifts, 40% off coupons, after-Christmas sales, and clearance racks I brought back quite a stash!

I found a bunch of discount fat quarters for little projects. I'll be using the Anna Griffin Christmas ones for an Advent calendar for Christmas 2010.

These guys will be for some projects from the book as well as a few ideas of my own. I also picked up a bunch of knit jersey (not pictured) to experiment with. It was down to $2/yd, and I have a few ideas...

I was pretty excited to receive this stash of Joel Dewberry's "Deer Valley" collection as a gift. I've been wanting some of this line to use in our living room for some pillows and maybe a few other things. I need to try out a few of my ideas with some other fabrics first before I go cutting into this stuff.

This weekend I washed and ironed all my fabric,
so it's ready to go!


frauheuberg said...´s ines...the fabrics in america are amazing...i´ve ordered sometimes from overseas...see you later mabye in the BYW-class...;)...

Antje said...

that reminds me a lot of my '101 one-skein wonders' books. :-)

Have fun!!

Allison said...

I'm so glad to see you found the Joel Dewberry collection... isn't it fantastic?!? Can't wait to see your projects from it.

Yeah, the price difference is what got me started in fabric sales in the first place. I initially just wanted to purchase whole bolts to use for my purses because I couldn't bear the thought of paying retail price since I knew the price I paid in the States. I listed what I was not using on the internet and it went so well that I ordered another collection, and well, it just grew from there. The really sad thing is... my wholesale cost is the same as end retail buyers in the U.S. can buy fabric for... uuuggghh!

juliette said...

Allison you have some of the best fabrics in your shop here in Germany! (hence having some of the most lovely purses)

But yes, import tax and the high German sales tax is a real deterrent to my purchasing American designers here. My sister in the US just started sewing and she was even balking at their prices over there, I just said she was lucky =)

M.S. said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

TheCluelessCrafter said...

Another woman interested in the bottom line. I have been realizing just how expensive these fabrics can get! That tapestry I made for my studio was surprisingly costly.

By the way, where do your parents live in the Midwest? I'm originally from there!

juliette said...

CC - they've been in Indy for the last 6+ yrs. I never lived out there though. I spent my last 10yrs in the US on Boston's North Shore, so a lot of 'home' for me is connected to that area =)

bonnie said...

hi juliette! aw, i love your blog too! what great projects and inspiration!

oh, i love asheville so much. i go all the time- it's my favorite city! i can't wait to get to know you better!

love, bonnie

Epp said...

Must. Do. Something. With. My. Fabrics. Too.

I just decided that before I have seriously destashed my existing fabrics, I will ONLY buy new ones I absolutely need to finish some WIP. No 'just in case' whim buys this year!

Great finds you've got. And the book looks really inspiring. I'll see if I can find it in amazon and take a little 'peek inside'. :P

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