Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crafting for Advent

This week's corner view theme is 'corners of your home', so since we just celebrated the first Sunday of Advent this past weekend, we spent Friday and Saturday of last week getting all the Christmas decorations out. We also stocked the fireplace with wood and tried out our fireplace for the first time! (the house still smells very campfire-y after a rough start...) I also put up last year's Advent calendar for some filler since we're still plotting what to do with that wall.

Saturday I made this year's Advent wreath. This is still a very popular tradition here in Germany. Last week I had purchased a pre-made wreath of greenery. Work has just been too busy for me to try making my own this year. I did all the decoration parts. Allison has a good tutorial on wreaths if you need one, though!

Stefan's also in the habit of wanting a typical Advent calendar, even as an adult (who can blame him?), so after a meeting yesterday I ran around in a panic looking for something suitable. We'll be away for nearly half the month, so I wanted something that we could take with us, and something that wasn't a big cardboard and plastic frame. The ones with the prettiest designs and guaranteed good chocolates were starting at 16 Euro. No thanks.

I didn't feel like going to the tiny dept. store fabric selection and dropping a small fortune, so I picked up some green napkins and did a quick zig-zag stitch with red thread up two sides, leaving the fold for the bottom. Instant little bags for the less than 2 Euro.

I printed out some cute labels from my stash of free printables, stuck them on the bags with my tape pen, filled with various chocolates, and tied with another drugstore find: cheery, red satin ribbon that says "Merry Christmas to a dear person" - sort of schmaltzy, but since I was in a rush and knew this year's Advent calendar wasn't of the critical sort, went with it.

It's nice to see them all lined up on the living room window sill. We have a big white Moravian star hanging over them that we turn on at night, lighting everything up all cozy-like.

I also picked up this Advent card. Something different, but fun. I'm having a friend come over tomorrow to do some cookie making, so I'm off to prep some dough!

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Jul said...

Cute advent calendar! I made my husband an elaborate one years ago, but have since gotten lazy.

When I was growing up we had a Moravian star which hung on our porch and lit up. It was always one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

Allison said...

My husband doesn't seem to mind that I don't really do anything for advent. We never celebrated it at home and quite frankly I am at a loss at what one is supposed to do anyway. I think the daily bags are very cute and once the baby is here, perhaps I just might get into it. We went to Herrenhut this summer with my parents and I really wanted one of the Moravian stars, but it never quite happened. Have a happy second advent weekend... we are eating turkey, pumpkin pie and the whole deal. I know, a little late, but as long as I get the Thanksgiving meal in before Christmas I am satisfied.

TheCluelessCrafter said...

My family never did the advent calendar thing, but we were not alone. From reading other blogs, many of which are focused on advent, I have noticed that those in Europe are more dedicated to this ritual. Is that a true statement?

A wonderful tradition to keep alive or revive it seems!

juliette said...

CC - I'd say yes, at least in Germany and Austria. It seems like every shop here has some sort of Advent calendar going w/sales, or actually selling little kits to set up your own Advent calendar, etc.

I grew up w/the kids often (but not always) getting a cardboard frame of chocolates, so I like attempting to make my own.

Theresa said...

looks nice

travelingmama said...

That is such a fun advent idea! We seem to have a fire making deficiency. While we were in CPH we thought we were going to have to freeze because we couldn't get the stinkin' fire lit for half an hour! LOL! Thankfully Jack FINALLY got it lit... and then it died... and then he got it lit...and after a few choice words he finally kept it lit for a little while. LOL!

eco-stylista said...

Very lovely ideas! The little napking bags turned out really great, very easy and after all it is the inside that counts :-) I love the wreath, I prefer traditional designs over modern ones. And you are so lucky to have a fireplace !

juliette said...

Tina - how funny about your Danish fire experience! There were definitely moments where I didn't say anything and just opened a window to let the smoke out, ha ha!

jane said...

that is such a great idea. i might have to steal it. besos-jane

Kaylovesvintage said...

christmas is in the house, looks good

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